Jennifer’s Garden Diary (January 2011)

First Garden Diary of 2011 mid January

I am amazed at the resilience of vegetables. We have had weeks of sub zero weather and snow, but still I have something to eat in the garden; leeks, parsnips and some brussel sprouts and kale. The sprouts could be bigger and better and the kale needs time to grow but it is great to have something green. The chards are still alive and I have hopes they will flourish once we have warmer weather.  Shallots are sending up green shoots. The most amazing of all the Aquadulce broad bean seeds that have been sitting in the frozen soil have started to come up, I thought they would die. The earlier sown beans have not done so well, they look battered and some are dead.  Because it has been so cold, and if not cold, wet, very little winter work has been done. I have pruned my gooseberry bush and am thinking I should do something about my neglected apple trees, they are full of canker and if I was younger would pull out the worst ones and start again.

The garden is full of birds, one hen blackbird has a white feather in her tail so I know she is resident and my dear little robin comes hopping when he sees me in the garden. It is good to get out even for a short time and I feel the better from it.

The best of New Year good wishes to any gardener reading this, may everything flourish, except the pests, and let the weather be benign.