Jennifer’s Garden Diary (11th February 2011)

Week ending 11th February 2011

Spring is very late this year but at last there are signs of new growth, the earth is stirring. The very first celandine have opened their golden flowers. Rhubarb is sending up nice fat pink shoots. I am thrilled because today I saw frogs are back in my pond, they have arrived very late as they are usually here by end of January. I was worried that they might have died from the cold, or that they found the new pond liner unwelcoming, or that they had been poisoned by some of the nasty stuff that we put down our drains. I believe frogs can absorb chemicals through their skin and that can kill them and their numbers are certainly dwindling. Anyhow, for me, great news that they are safely back and getting ready to mate.

Not much happening in the garden, this is the right time to cut down autumn raspberries and have done so, I have a few lettuce seedlings in a tray, which I am carrying in and out according to the weather.  Early potatoes, Sharpe’s Express, are “chitting” under an upstairs skylight, all promises of future harvests. It will soon be time to sow brussel sprouts which need a long growing season, and then March will be here and it will really be time to get seeds in. A good plan for now is to check seed trays and that they are clean, look through seeds and order what one needs unless done already.

I still have a few leeks and parsnips (so sweet and delicious when cooked freshly dug) and I can gather enough “greens“ for a meal. It is easy to have enough for one person !