Jennifer’s Garden Diary (3rd June 2011)

Garden Diary week ending June 3, 2011

Jennifer's Work Station

Jennifer's Work Station

Has it been a difficult spring? I have certainly found growth slow, too cold in May and although it rained there was so much wind the ground is very dry. Summer is here and I am writing this on warmest day of year so far, this evening I watered everything except well-established crops. Thinking ahead, as all we gardeners must, I need to get a second water butt, once I start paying for water I will appreciate what a valuable commodity it is.

I am still planting out brassicas for next spring where I can find a space, problem is the garden is very full. I pulled out the finished very earliest of the broad beans (Aqua Dulce sown in November) and replaced with white sprouting broccoli plants. Am not very pleased with these plants or purple sprouting they seem a bit frail and weak.  I was looking in the Friday market today and the selection of vegetable plants is amazing perhaps I would do better to buy plants rather than rear them myself.  Always too many seeds in a packet and then they go out of date, maybe why my plants are less than robust? But I do love to see things germinate!

Am eating Swiss Chard, a bit of spring cabbage and now broad beans, there are lettuce and radishes for a salad and little wild strawberries on the bank to nibble.

It is wonderful how GIY has taken off.  There is a great view as I travel by bus into peoples’ gardens and I am delighted to see new vegetable patches—- still so much land idle that could be used to feed us, if half the lawns in Ireland were dug up and cultivated we could surely feed ourselves on vegetables, fresher and safer than suspect cucumbers from Europe.