Jennifer’s Garden Diary 15th October

On Friday I opened my computer and found Oxfam had sent me a message about Grow Week, and that morning.  I heard a radio programme about the rising price of food and how it is affecting the poorest in the world.  We all have to eat and when I consider how little we grow ourselves and how much we import and even throw away I feel bound to write my diary.  Why are our Supermarket shelves full of fruit and vegetables from other side of the world?  There is something grotesque in buying, for instance, green beans grown in Kenya, thus stealing the Kenyans’ land and water, when at least we could buy Irish vegetables or even grow our own in back yard or allotment. I think a well-tended vegetable plot is so attractive it could be in the front garden! Have a look at Oxfam Grow Week, it is all about blogging, can I suggest actual physical work as well a good idea?

Now what work have I done? I need to practice what I preach!  Weather has been against us but I did manage to get the runner beans cleared away and autumn onions planted in their place. The last of the red cabbages are harvested, cooked with apple, onion, brown sugar and vinegar and frozen for winter use. That land cleared and I am getting compost onto it and all the other empty spaces.

I am eating delicious leeks, parsnips and Swiss and other Chards and for treats brussel sprouts. I hope there will still be some sprouts for Christmas; they seem very good but early this year.

Keep harvesting, keep planning and enjoy.