Jennifer’s Garden Diary 1st October

I heard we were to get an Indian summer in September when I would be able to dry the last of my onions and start getting compost out onto the land. Other places may have had better weather but disappointingly here in West Cork we are moving from a wet September to a wet October. Some days must have been better because I managed to make a last sowing of Swiss Chard (now up) and plant a row of garlic. Last year I planted garlic from the local supermarket, originally from China, and it did quite well. This year I bought “proper” garlic from a garden centre it will be interesting to see if it is better. I have a few overwintering onions waiting to go in, something I have not tried before. As anyone who has read this diary knows, I love to keep my garden full, as soon as a crop is harvested compost goes on and something else is planted. Not very scientific, but I do manage to have some sort of vegetable to eat all the year round.

This seems to be a very good year for leeks and brussel sprouts, I have eaten the first of the leeks and will soon try some sprouts, how very delicious the first of a crop tastes, runner beans are now very boring!  Red cabbages are quite good too this year and I am cooking it with onions, apples, vinegar and sugar and freezing in margarine boxes for the winter.

When my London family were over in summer my daughter’s partner Gordon did some massive work cutting back bushes and trees that were overshadowing my vegetables, the result was more light, some firewood to be sawn up, and piles of branches. I was going to pay someone to take the branches away but now the marvellous young people who garden a bit of my land are going to borrow a wood chipper and turn rubbish into something useful!  I am delighted.