News Update 17 November 2011

Key Points from AGM Sustclon Ltd, 21/9/2011

Board membership. 

As per the company rules one third of directors must stand down each year, but may make themselves available for re-election.

Mark Holland decided to stand down and was not available for re-election. Mark was thanked for his efforts over many years as a founder member of Sustainable Clonakilty and past Chairperson.

The other director standing down to make the one third was Alison Wickham, who was available for re-election, and was returned.

Frank McCarthy, a local businessman, nominated by Ray Lucy and seconded by Marian Cadogan, was elected unanimously to the Board of Sustclon Ltd.

Financial membership.

Discussion resulted in the fees being changed to either €5.00 p.a. or €10.00p.a. with the amount to be decided by the individual member.  Financial membership for 2012 can be taken up until it closes on 31 May 2012, and is valid until immediately after the September 2012 AGM.  Only those with valid membership can vote in an AGM.

It is important for the group that we have as many financial members as possible as it is often used as a guide to the level of community support we have when seeking funding.


Volunteers are very important to us too – all our working groups need more helpers.  The advantages of becoming a Sustclon Ltd volunteer are increased community integration, learning new skills, meeting new people, personal satisfaction and having fun.  Apply at

In particular the Events & Promotion Group, who organise the meetings, speakers, etc., the Food Group (community gardens, Cook Local cookbook) etc. need more help, and it would be useful to have some people who can help out on an as needed basis with any of the following: helping at events, meeting minutes and/or facilitation, strategic planning and fund raising which requires research, application writing and seeking sponsorship etc.  There is much less activity required in the summer holidays than over the rest of the year. If you can help on this basis please get in touch.

Events planned for the next 12 months include:

  • Development and progress of the strategic plan focused on energy saving and renewable energy supplies
  • Another Energy Festival week of 10-13 November on a smaller scale than last year but with the usual Energy Fair, Movie night, fabulous gig at Shanley’s and other activities.  Contact us if you would like to help or exhibit in the Energy Fair at the Waterfront Building on Saturday 12 November.
  • Progressing the Cook Local Cookbook on the website
  • Local transport initiatives
  • Going out to community groups to talk about our mission.  If you would like us to talk to your group contact Alison
  • Sourcing funding.

Major points made when the floor was open to the membership were:

As a group we need to ensure everyone in the community understands the potential personal impact of the vulnerability of our energy supply currently, and the benefits of having more money in the local community when we are more energy efficient and independent. The Renewable Energy Report findings need to be brought down to a personal level so the figures are more real and meaningful and people understand the costs and benefits of our plans on a personal level.  Perhaps a student or other interested person could help by sketching out how different aspects of life in Clonakilty would look in 2020 when we realise our mission?

The Sustainable Clonakilty Community Gardens Awards will be held at 2.30pm on 22 October in the Methodist Hall and all are welcome.

Clonakilty Civil Defence group support required

Mayor, John Loughnan thanked the group for all the work done to date, which has made a great impact on the town’s awareness of sustainability issues.

He also asked for support from members of the group for Clonakilty’s new initiative to set up a Civil Defence Group to help out in times of civic emergency. Interested people should register at the Town Hall.


Update from GAA Pilot Project

The tender of works has been completed a little later than expected and Patrick O Brien Plumbing & Heating, and Grainger Energy Solutions have been appointed as the heating and insulation contractors respectively.

 Both these contractors are now making contact with participants and assessing work. The GAA hope to have a meeting in November where quotations will be returned to customers.