News Update February 23, 2012

Greetings everyone,

It may look as if Sustainable Clonakilty has gone to sleep since the end of 2011 but that is not at all true. While the secretary/web site administrator has been out of the country, the rest of the team has been involved in loads of committee work and over the next few months expects to be unveiling some new projects that will enhance life in this beautiful area.  Now that Clonakilty has Cittaslow status with its heavy emphasis on the environment and the good life in the slow lane, Sustainable Clonakilty expects to be much more involved in joint projects with the Clonakilty Town Council, Tidy Towns and the Chamber of Commerce too.

It is also wonderful to learn of new ideas, like the Clonakilty Favour Exchange, an updated LETS type project will be brought into operation very  soon.  The CFE people are outside of the umbrella of Sustainable Clonakilty but are working very hard to bring about something that is clearly very complementary to the Sustclon ethos. The scheme allows people to help each other on an exchange of time basis, where no money changes hands, all the while fostering increased community spirit and a sense of belonging.  It will be a huge help as well to challenged family incomes in these tough economic times.

St Patricks Day Parade

Sustainable Clon would like to have a presence in the St Patrick’s Day Parade this year.  Would you like to be involved in a team for this creative and fun activity?  Unfortunately our current committee members have no spare capacity to help, so it won’t happen without you.  Do you have spare time to be involved in putting a display together, or materials that could be used? Or would you like to become more closely involved with our work in general?  If so please contact Secretary, Alison Wickham 023 883 5241 or at  Your reward will be a warm welcome, fun, and you may learn some new skills too.

Airtricity Energy Meters

Sustainable Clonakilty have some energy meters, kindly donated by Airtricity, that can be lent out to financial members for a month at a time so that you can monitor your electricity consumption and target reductions to keep costs down.  It doesn’t matter which electricity supplier you use, you can still avail of them and they take only minutes to install with no electrician needed. Please contact  Secretary, Alison Wickham 023 883 5241 or at if you would like to borrow one.

Cook Local Recipes

Don’t forget this website has a selection of tasty foods you can make at home from locally produced ingredients on our Cook Local pages.  The latest is a Kiwi old time family favourite, Bacon & Egg Pie.

Bacon & Egg Pie

It is great served with hot vegetables for dinner, or a salad for lunch, and even better cold at a picnic. Easy, peasy to make too.  Click here and scroll down the page for the recipe.

Have you some new favourite recipes you’d like to share? Submit them by email to  A photo would be nice too.

New Members

If you enjoy our website and support Sustclon’s work, please sign up as a member, if you haven’t already done so.   Membership is €10 per annum, but if that is a bit of a stretch for you a fiver will do.  Your support is needed in order to further the work.  Submit your fee along with name and address to Sustclon Ltd, 11 Redwood Park, Clonakilty or online deposit it to:  Sustclon Ltd, AIB bank, National Sort Code 93-60-57, Account number 07483-180.  Label the deposit with your name and the word ‘sub’. If more than fifty people sign up in the next four weeks we will put all names into a draw for  a box of Radboosters and an Energy Meter.

And, if you feel moved to spontaneously make a larger donation, the Sustclon Ltd Board would be delighted!


If you are a member of a group who would like someone to come along and speak about the work of Sustainable Clonakilty please contact Sustclon Ltd Secretary, Alison Wickham 023 883 5241 or at

Enjoy the delights of spring!