Funding & Resources

Sustclon Ltd’s greatest resource is its members and the time they give freely to the organisation. As with most organisations in this time of recession, finance is the most difficult element to manage in keeping the organisation viable. While we have been successful in obtaining funding for specific projects we have been less successful in raising funds for the core organisation. Money granted for specific projects rightly must be ring fenced, and used for that purpose, and not for subsidising other elements of the organisation.

In the past, Members’ fees and donations were used to meet on-going costs associated with insurance, administration and meeting expenses. While SC had to become a Company in order to be eligible for grant funding, this has resulted in increased costs like Companies Act compliance fees, auditors etc.

In addition cash flow concerns can arise when major funding is provided, as normally one has to contribute a percentage of the project cost and then pay out all the costs, before claiming the grant portion back.

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In order to achieve the aims of SC your support is needed in one or more of the following ways:

Sign up as a Financial Member – €5 or €10 p.a., which ever you are comfortable paying.

Make a donation to Sustainable Clonakilty. Any amount is gratefully accepted. Direct donations can save the working groups a huge amount of time and effort in organising money raisers. As a registered charity, if you donate €250 or more, Sustainable Clonakilty is also able to collect the PAYE tax that you paid, when you earned the money, from Revenue.

Sign on as a volunteer, organiser or participant in any activities.  These are usually a lot of fun and a great way to get to know a new group of interesting people.

Sign on to Sustainable Clonakilty’s list of stand-by helpers who can be called upon from time to time when an extra pair of hands is needed.

Let us know your ideas for money raising projects.

If you have any questions, comments, want to volunteer or send donations please contact


Major Funding  Received

We have been very grateful to receive the following funding:

In 2008 we received €4,000 funding from the Clonakilty Town Council for our Energy Project, now known as Clonergy 2020. Part of the funds were used for the Study tour to Austria.

In early 2009 we received €8,000 from Failte Ireland for our Clonergy 2020 Energy Audit of Clonakilty.  A further €2,000 was received in September 2009 based on progress reports.  This €10,000 from Failte Ireland was the Energy Audit part of a prize won by the Clonakilty Chamber of Tourism as ‘Best Emerging Rural Tourism Destination 2008′. We thank the Clonakilty Chamber of Tourism and Failte Ireland for permitting us to carry out the audit ourselves.

In 2010 we received €27,000 (90%) support from the West Cork Development Partnership under the Rural Development Plan 2007 – 2013 for our Renewable Energy Study: A Roadmap to Energy Neutrality in the Clonakilty District by 2020.

Smaller Amounts

Clonakilty Town Council Community Funds:

€1200 or our Energy Week in 2010

€1800 for the continuation of our work in 2011.

€1000 for 2012.

Cork County Council Local Agenda 21 Funds:

Funding for a St Patricks Day awareness raising float in 2008

€1500 Funding for a new accurate Map of Clonakilty including promotion of the Clonergy 2020 Project its aims in 2009

€1,000 support for community gardens in 2009 and 2010

€750.00 received in support for a new website in 2011.

It is important to realise that funding never covers the whole cost of implementation of a project, there is always a considerable amount of volunteer effort, and/or additional funds from our bank account that goes into bringing any project to fruition.  Therefore, seeking donations, funding applications and fund raising are an integral part of our work.

Airtricity Comatallin Wind Farm Community funds also donated a magnificent Sustianable Clonakilty two sided  banner and a generous number of Energy Meters to us.

Fund raisers we have organised:

Energy Fairs

Street collection days

Table Quiz



Donations of any type, whether it is expertise, goods for raffling or cash, are very welcome indeed. We can offer you listing and website links on ‘Our Supporters’ page in return.

We are a registered charity: Sustclon Ltd CRO No. 463930, Charity No.18535









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