The Clonergy 2020 Project

What is Clonergy 2020?

The name of the project to make Clonakilty energy self-sufficient by 2020.

What is the objective of Clonergy 2020?

To enable the transition of Clonakilty and the surrounding areas to energy neutrality through renewable energy, in order to support a sustainable economy and quality of life for the community.

How is the Clonergy 2020 objective to be achieved?

1.    Through understanding how much energy Clonakilty uses.

2.    Conserving as much of that energy as possible.

3.    Identifying local sources of renewable energy that could be utilised.

4.    Encouraging local public/private partnerships to establish small renewable energy power stations close to the town.

Why do this?

•    To give a stable and predictable energy supply to the town at stable prices.

•    To retain money spent on energy in the local economy.

•    To create employment.

•    To encourage eco-tourism.

•    Environmental benefits.

•    Because it has been achieved in Güssing, Austria and we think it could work here too.

What is the Energy Working Group?

The sub-group of Sustainable Clonakilty made up of volunteers who are driving the Clonergy 2020 project.