Save Money & Make Your Home More Efficient

You could be saving up to £250 a year on your energy bills, as well as around two tonnes of C02 a year by following the tips on your personalised Home Energy Check report.

With the cost of gas and electricity rising, there are still ways to save on your fuel bills” says Jackie Williams, Energy Advisor, “Fortunately you can reduce your home’s energy demand, and therefore your fuel bill, by adequately insulating your home.

Not only could you save money but having a more efficient home can make your house more desirable. we spoke to a mortgage advisor at who told us ‘potential buyers are becoming more concerned about the efficiency of their future property. Not only can it put potential buyers off if there is a low energy rating

Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing mankind. Energy use in our homes is one of the key contributors to this representing over a quarter of all UK carbon dioxide emissions. By saving 20% of the energy you use every day you’ll be doing your bit to prevent climate change.

For a free report with ideas on how you can save energy around your home, visit the Energy Saving Trust and complete your on-line Home Energy Check today!

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